Cut and Stack Labels

Versatile, economical and durable, cut and stack labels are the industry standard for paint can labels, but you don’t have to settle for ordinary. To keep your products from blending in among the rows of competitors, we offer specialty papers, inks and printing techniques to visually express the core identity of your brand and capture the consumer’s attention. Below are just a few of the methods that we can apply to your paint labels. Contact us to discuss your needs or additional ideas you have. We’ll work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Paper Stock and Finishes

C1S or “coated one side” papers slow the absorption of ink into the paper stock on the coated side giving you sharper detail. Glossy, matte or satin paper coatings can directly mimic the finishes of the paint in the cans by giving you control over the vividness of the ink. You could also use these coatings to convey a brand-specific feeling rather than an actual paint quality. For example, a matte finish, often in association with dark colors, implies elegance and higher quality to consumers. Spot varnishes can give you the best of both worlds by allowing you to combine finishes like glossy and matte on the same label.

Metallic papers, commonly used for fine art photographic prints, provide a high level of luminance and reflectivity. Deep rich blacks and a full range of colors can be achieved and often give an image a more dimensional feel.

“Decoration” Printing Techniques

Embossing, foil applications, metallic inks and die cutting all have a unique look and feel. Whether used alone or in combina-tion, there is unlimited potential to create a distinctive style that’s all your own.

Embossing is a time honored technique for adding dimensionality to a surface. You might choose your logo, select type or design elements to emboss. The options for foils go far beyond the standard gold and silver. Translucent pearlescents, light diffracting and holographic foils are available. You might want to give your label a unique shape as well with a die-cut. Combine embossing, foils, metallic inks or spot varnishing for a wider range of compelling looks.

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We offer the latest digital printing technology and the expertise you need for not only beautiful, color-consistent cut and stack labels for your paint can labels but statistical analysis to efficiently manage your printing to reduce costs.